Synology NAS 에 mc (midnight comander) 설치 Packages for Synology NAS

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1. DSM 홈 -> 패키지센터 ->  설정 -> 패키지소스 에
2. 추가  -> 이름: SynoCommunity 위치: -> 확인
3. 패키지센터 -> 모든패키지 -> SynoCli 검색 -> SynoCli File Tools 설치 -> 동의
4. 쉘에서 mc 실행 끝

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Step 1
Skip this step if you are on DSM7 or later.
Log into your NAS as administrator and go to Main Menu → Package Center → Settings and set Trust Level to Synology Inc. and trusted publishers.

Step 2
In the Package Sources tab, click Add, type SynoCommunity as Name and as Location and then press OK to validate.

Step 3
Go back to the Package Center and enjoy SynoCommunity's packages in the Community tab.

Step 4
Search SynoCli  and Install SynoCli File Tools , Click agree button.

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