Vintage Gear and Much Bushcraft Cooking

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Tipi, Tipee Time, Overnighter and Outdoor Skills with my good friend David from Canada, who lives in Bavaria. BUSHCRAFT Das Buch vom Waldhandwerk
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Waldhandwerk Bushcraft - Survival Trainings:
Bergzeit Outdoorshop:
Fire on a tree stump is not recommended. We have turf moss near by, so we make this rise up fire. In the burned out vessel of the stamp is mud sand and stones with two metal plates in it, against to much heat to the death roots.
Salmon, Lachs, rise, reis, garlic, knoblach, grounded meat, faschiertes über dem Lagerfeuer, on the rised up campfire. wild cooking. knives, Mora, swisstool, Schweizer Felltornister, Backpack out
of a cow skin. carvings, bowdrill, ember to flame, Spoonknife, Hookknife Mora 163,
Shoutout: Mike and Feldbecher Deckel und ein Schneidbrett in Nirenform von for the Lit and cuttingboard, Vintage Gear and Much Bushcraft Cooking


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